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The Return of Petrocaribe Has Some Concerned Chavez Has Other Plans for Honduras

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The return of Petrocaribe to Honduras is swirling with suspicions that the Venezuelan government and its President Hugo Chavez are trying to gain ground in the Central American country. Honduran officals say that is not true, and have stated they will agree to rejoined the Venezuelan initiative, provided that funds are spent on roads, schools and social programs, but there continues to be more critics than supporters of union.

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Honduras: Petrocaribe is a Return to Risk “targets” of Chavez in the Country

The return of Honduras to Petrocaribe is still a government decision aroused suspicions among various sectors of society.

And businessmen, politicians and civil society organizations have expressed concern about what the approach of Honduras with the government of President Hugo Chavez.

This time who spoke about was the acting feels Roberto Micheletti, who continues to ensure that the South American president is “objective” in Honduras, and that this will not rest in its intention to interfere in national politics.

“Chavez has goals in Honduras, will not rest any time in trying to keep Honduras politically, because he can not take the (National) Port to Venezuela, but if you are interested politically, presidents can act in accordance with policy he manages and that is dangerous, “he said.

Micheletti said that returning to Petrocaribe not mean that you give away fuel to Honduras and mishandling of funds resulting from the negotiation will mean a threat to the economy.

“There is much talk of a gift, but that is not present. Hugo Chavez is giving us nothing, we are giving a long-term credit for where we charge 40% or 60% and the rest for investment,” he said.

According to Petrocaribe. But Micheletti said he agreed that Honduras receives the benefits of the Venezuelan initiative as long as the government of Porfirio Lobo transparently use the funds, and these we are destined to political campaigns.

“The only problem I find in Petrocaribe is that if we draw the money will go to hand credit policies to political campaigns I am totally against,” he said.

He added that “if the funds are directed to special projects such as roads, schools, colleges and to improve living conditions for Hondurans agree.”

The return of Honduras to Petrocaribe could be formalized this week. First it was President Porfirio Lobo who went public about the intentions and progress in the negotiations, then the ruler Hugo Chavez was pleased with the decision of the couple to join the initiative again.

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