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U.S. Fuels Honduran Economy with $350 Million in Investments

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The United States will continue to invest in the Honduran economy through 2012, with close to $350 million in spending in various telecommunications, energy and consumable goods sectors.

Original Article Text From El Heraldo via Google Translate :

Honduras Estimated $ 350 Million Investment by U.S.

Honduran officials estimate that investment from the United States will be about $350 million this year.

A report by the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) states that joined in 2011 from 290.6 million dollars U.S.. The figure was lower than reported the previous year, when it reached 325.3 million dollars.

Official forecasts are based on a U.S. economic recovery and the possible impact of the Free Trade between Central America and the U.S. (CAFTA, for its acronym in English). The FTA was six years of operation on 1 April.

An analysis of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce concluded that capital flows are U.S. oriented telecommunications industry, food and electricity.

He adds that the U.S. has had in recent years a strong presence in these economic sectors, which are expected to remain in the short to medium term.

Of the estimated $ 350 million excluding capital invested in the maquiladora industry. U.S. contributes about 30% of foreign investment in Honduras.

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