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Will Honduras Get on Board to Build an Airport at Ruinas de Copán?

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Inter-American Development Bank has pledged $6.3 million for a new airport at Ruinas de Copán, Honduras, but without the backing of the government the dream will not become a reality.

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The president of the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras (CANATURH) Marinakys Epaminondas, warned yesterday that the country could lose five million euros (about 128 million lempiras) because the government makes the decision to build the airport in Yellow River, Copan.

Marinakys was yesterday at Government House accompanied the Spanish expert in tourism, Favieres Adolfo, who came to the country to do a study that allows you to design a strategy to promote the country as a tourist destination. He said the expert said that “seven years ago led me to Copan Ruinas and I said where I was going to be an airport and yesterday I went out there and again I marked the spot where it will be the airport, can not be, you have that require “that the work is constructed.

The tourism entrepreneur said that the worst is that in this case the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) made available five million euros to build, but there is no lack of political decision that has to be in the Ministry of Finance. “Last week, a weekend ago, we were with Bank officers and gentlemen tell us, these funds are available if not used for that are going to lose,” he said.

As a result entrepreneurs met with Finance Minister Hector Guillen, and undertook to execute this project because “even if late, do it” because 20 percent increase international visitors to the archaeological park.

Since the money is, are the plans, the ground, companies traveling to the place, passengers, is a project with the guaranteed return, “we just need to tell the Finance Minister will these funds be designated for Yellow River “he said. Marinakys added that even the Bank decided to perform the work with funding from the MCA to be faster and ensure transparency, so it’s a project that has no obstacles, rather than lack of political will of the last three governments.

As for the arrival of Favieres, Marinakys reported that the expert visited the main sites that draw tourists for fun or for business or Copán, Tela, Roatan, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa to make a diagnosis of the country’s situation and make recommendations to be delivered to President Porfirio Lobo, the next week. Living Congressman Romeo Silvestri, a member of the CANATURH, Guatemala regretted that governments have been more alive than Hondurans, and they built an airport on the border with Honduras, near Copan Ruins and get into their package tours to visit this monument Honduras.

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