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Years of Slow Economic Growth Ahead for Honduras

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External economic forces and slow trade development are strongly contributing to a rising internal deficit for Honduras, both of which indicate that the coming years will be of low growth for the country.

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Honduras Faces Deficit In The Economic Situation

The Economist, Hugo Noe Pino, said the country faces a very difficult economic situation and problems that have been dragging since the crisis of 2008-2009 as the “coup” brought a very strong crisis and the international environment is not is not favorable, so the problem of sovereign debt of European countries that fails to grooming, as growth in the United States largest trading partner and as the slowdown Honduras showing emerging countries like China, Brazil and India, indicate that the coming years will be of low growth, the calculation for Honduras varies in three and a half percent, with a population growth of two percent, giving a growth that does not help to increase employment levels and reduce poverty.

The dean of economics, Belinda Flores, referred to the fiscal deficit is above four percent, saying it is worrying all the problems that is happening around this deficit and all the problems that are being generated in the environment that are impacting international in Honduras as an economy extremely dependent.

As it is very difficult to believe that this government can overcome this difficulty itself having to finance the budget this year because it is a deficit that has been dragging from previous years and you’re forced to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund that the fund could be financed with a contribution of the national budget.

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