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Where Is the American Dream?

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In the U.S., each generation is meant to be better off than the last – but three in four Americans expect the opposite for their own children. Which has some experts wondering why the American Dream is in decline?

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Uncertain Times for the American Dream

In the US, each generation is meant to be better off than the last – but three in four Americans expect the opposite for their own children. This seems to fly in the face of promising signs such as a resurgent stock market and the shale gas revolution. Should investors accept that America’s decline has begun or look for opportunities that others are missing?

The American Dream has suffered a wake-up call. The stock market may be rising across the pond, but so is consumer unease. The majority of Americans think the country’s best days are behind them, and three-quarters of workers think their children will find succeeding in the US harder than they did.

It’s a far cry from the days of the roaring Twenties, when excess was a byword for success – but as the tale of The Great Gatsby reveals on cinema screens across the country this week, the American Dream has never been a guarantee of happiness.

America today is a nation racked by unemployment; a record number of Americans – one in six – need food stamps to survive.

Yet against this backdrop of deprivation, companies are thriving. The main stock market index in the US is the S & P 500, which has risen steadily since its March 2009 lows. This week the index hit a fresh high thanks to several pieces of good news for the economy.

A year after its disastrous flotation, even Facebook is looking hot again, with certain technology funds – including Axa Framlington Global Technology – snapping up shares. Financial companies, previously the pariahs of the stock market, have also helped to push the market up, as their capital reserves have been bolstered in accordance with government restrictions after the credit crisis. This week Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup all inched higher – helping the S & P to achieve an increase of 15pc so far this year.

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  • Robert in Canada

    As bad as things have gotten in the US, I think it will get worse mainly because of the IRS scandal.

    Who would be naive enough to start or invest in an American business knowing that you could be targeted by the IRS and other gov’t agencies because of your religion, your political beliefs, who you associate with, or who you donated money to?

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