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Why Can’t Central America Unite Its Tourism Base?

Article Summary:

Central American officials cannot seem to get their act together to promote tourism across borders.

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Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

The bureaucracy is the main obstacle to achieving tourism integration in Central America.

This is the opinion of the President of the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Central America (FEDECATUR), Epaminondas Marinakys, adding that governments should relax the rules on borders to expedite the passage of tourists from one destination to another.

“We need simple and effective government, bureaucracy is finished,” said the businessman.

According to the World Tourism Organization, Central America receive about 8 million tourists in 2013, repeating the numbers achieved last year.

Marinakys states that governments must include in its development agenda for the tourism sector, which generates a million places of employment in the region.

Indicates well as tourists to Europe know more than one destination on your journey, as might occur in Central America.

It recognizes that we must also improve the training of people who treat visitors. “The tourist is willing to spend, but whenever you get a good deal,” he said.

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