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5 Places to Go Adventurous in Mexico

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Adventure tourism is gaining ground in Mexico, contributing roughly $280 million last year to the nation’s economy. Here are five of the best places to take an adventure tour in Mexico.

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Three states account for adventure tourism

Boca del Rio, Veracruz Adventure travel in Mexico spills generates economic close to 3,500 million pesos ($ 280 million) per year, of which Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca contribute about 50%, according to estimates by Antonio de la Rosa, director for Latin America Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

The figure is equivalent to 2.2% of the bag that left the country international tourism last year (12.739 million of dollars ) and less than 1% of what the international sector turnover (250,000 million).

“In Mexico, the sector is in its infancy, has not been exploited, the spill is minimal in proportion to what occurs in the world” external.

Tourism Secretary Veracruz, Harry Grappa, said the state works to consolidate its leadership in the field of adventure, which represents about 30% of the spills that generates local industry, which is expected at 5,000 million pesos for This 2013, with 8 million tourists, which means an increase of nearly 19% compared to last year (4,200 million pesos).

As part of the Adventure Travel Mexico (Atmex) 2013, which is held in this port, said that according to data from the ATTA, the segment grew 31% in the last two years.

In turn, the state governor, Javier Duarte, said that in the second edition of the Atmex involved 26 states, which promote their destinations to more than 400 buyers from around the world. Among the countries that joined this year are Cuba, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Harry Grappa already materialized added 2,000 business appointments, 700 more than the previous year, and estimated the economic impact of 200 million pesos, with hotel occupancy above 65 percent.

On the issue of insecurity, acknowledged that affected the activity in the region, however, said the situation is improving, which is reflected in the sector.

In his speech, the Minister of Tourism of Queretaro, Mauricio Salmon, said the company began a more aggressive strategy adventure activity five years ago. Without being the main bet, currently represents about 10% of the total industrial spills, ie about 600 million pesos. The expectation for this year is to create a game for 6,000 million.

The Puebla Tourism Secretary Roberto Trauwitz, voiced that the tourism sector has grown 12% in the state, which is driven by the adventure category, among other things.

Meanwhile, the governor of Puebla Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas, who will become president of the Tourism Committee of the National Governors’ Conference, said that national opt for the visitor, which represents 84% ​​of the net afluncia.

According to figures from the Ministry of Tourism, the sector is growing at annual rates of 17%, with an average stay of seven to eight days and a spill of 3,000.

Approximately 25 out of 100 tourists visiting the country make any adventure activity.

Mexico is one of the five countries with the greatest biodiversity, has 174 natural protected areas and four reserves declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Antonio de la Rosa anticipated that adventure tourism worldwide has tripled, going from 89.000 to 250.000 million in the last three years. According to the ranking of the ATTA, in emerging markets, Chile leads the industry and developed, Switzerland.

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