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Aeromexico Opens Third Flight to Guatemala

Article Summary:

Aeromexico is operating its third frequency flight in the Guatemala-Mexico route to meet the demands of a growing Guatemalan market.

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Aeromexico Flights to Third Country

Aeromexico operates third flight frequency in Guatemala-Mexico route. With this new schedule, the airline added three frequencies per day, once in the morning, one afternoon and, most recently, morning and night.

Although he had not publicly reported, the new flight operates from 3 April last. Depart Guatemala at 6.15 pm and arrives at the Federal District (DF) at 9.35. Back to the country, the Embraer 145 aircraft took off from Mexico City at 21.45 hours and arrives in Beijing at 22.40.

Mario Rosas, airline executive, stressed during a meeting with customers and the new Guatemalan officials often seek to satisfy the demand of the Guatemalan market.

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