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Despite Travel Warnings, Americans Flock to Mexican Beaches

Article Summary:

Despite security alerts issued by the U.S. government for its citizens not to visit various parts of Mexico, hundreds of tourists flock to Mexican beaches.

Photo Credit: El Universal

Original Article Text From El Universal via Google Translate :

Despite warnings, EU tourists packed beaches Tamaulipas

Despite insecurity alerts issued by the U.S. government for its citizens not to visit various parts of Tamaulipas, hundreds of tourists flocked to Texas state beaches, such as Miramar and vacacionó Baghdad where the U.S. consul in Matamoros Michael Barkin.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism reported that state until Sunday morning the influx of tourists in Tamaulipas was one million 90 thousand 688 between nationals and foreigners, and just over 152 000 vehicles in all recreational destinations.

The Consul Barkin attended as special guest at the “Festival of the Sea, Matamoros 2012″, which was crowned queen of Venezuelan Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe, who praised the security implemented by the authorities of the three levels of government to ensure the stay vacationers.

This coincided in the U.S. diplomat, who declined to review the security alerts issued the government of his country before Easter, and apparently did not deter visitors Texans, mostly in Baghdad beaches of Matamoros and Miramar Ciudad Madero.

“We know the security operation was implemented, so we’re here. About the alerts, we must warn our citizens (U.S.) when there is risk here in Matamoros fortunately these days there has been violence, “said Barkin.

Exceed expectations
According to an official report, state officials expected the tourism sector during Holy Week in Tamaulipas one million visitors, but the figure was exceeded on receipt of one million 90 thousand 688 of them on the beaches of the state amounted to 888 000.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism reiterated that this Easter Tamaulipas also placed third nationally in road traffic, second only to Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Dominates the domestic tourism
According to tourism authorities in the metropolitan area of ​​southern Tamaulipas, most visitors came from Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi and Mexico City, as the Aranda family Silva, prodecedente of Santa Catarina, Monterrey city conurbation.

This family traveled Monterrey accompanied by two other couples on board two vehicles to Miramar. “We arrived on Thursday night and put a tent on the beach,” said the head of the family Aranda.

Well organized transported a power plant and two large speakers “so the music never miss and enough firewood to roast meat on the edge of the beach.”

The Aranda Silva and his friends had planned to return Sunday to their respective homes in Nuevo Leon, where on Monday must be reinstated to work and school and their daily activities.

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