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Don’t Bring a Knife to Gun Fight! National Activists Blame Weak Government for Escalating Violence

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Mexico will start the year off in the midst of a “national emergency” due to the significant increase in murders linked to organized crime and violence, which in 2011 alone caused more than 12,000 deaths. National activists blame a weak central government for the escalating violence and its lack of ability to effectively combat the problem. Change may come this year as the country under goes general elections in 2012.

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Mexico enters the year 2012 in the midst of “national emergency” by the violence

Mexico will start 2012 in the midst of a “national emergency” by the increase of murders linked to organized crime violence, which this year alone caused about 12,000 deaths, according to several experts.

“The disease that Mexico is weakness of the state, while organized crime is the symptom,” Efe said the specialist in drug trafficking and United Nations excessive justice and security issues Samuel Gonzalez.

The wave of violence this year has left 12,182 deaths in the country, according to estimates from the Mexican newspaper Reforma, 5.17 percent more than the 2010 data, when it recorded 11,583 murders. The Mexican poet Javier Sicilia, who this year became an important leader of a social movement against violence, consider this situation as “a tragedy.”

Sicily Efe said that this year raised the number of violent deaths because the state “has a deep fracture and weakness” not knowing impart justice.

The activist, who also heads the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) considered the Government’s fight against crime over the past five years as a “failed strategy” and has left over 40,000 dead. In his view, this “national tragedy” will influence next year’s general elections, which are called about 80 million citizens, who must choose a successor to President Felipe Calderon and more than 2,000 elected positions.

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From La Prensa Nicaragua

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