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Extremely Low Turnout of “Spring Breakers” in Acapulco

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Restaurateurs and discos in Acapulco claim that warnings issued by the United States government have impacted Spring Break. This year, there is only 75 students expected “spring breakers” who have booked on a registered tour to the resort area. This number is down from 2010, where there was an upwards of 700 registered travelers.

Original Article Text From El Universal via Google Translate :

Provide low influx of Spring Breaker in Acapulco

Despite the promotions were made ​​accommodations through tour operators Spring Breaker, restaurateurs and disco in Acapulco expect a low turnout of young people because there are still scared to travel by anxiety for the alerts issued by the government USA.

The president of the Association of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Acapulco, Oscar Bustos said that last year, the tour operator company of young Spring Breaker, Biachi Rosi, only brought 75 students and for this season is expected a similar amount, this according to the reservations.

He regretted that because the American tourist is suspicion of traveling to tourist destinations in Mexico by insecurity in Acapulco this segment of travelers going down and recalled that in 2011 only 75 young people came in 2009 and 2010 came from 500 700 and before the present violence is received between 15 to 17,000 Spring Breaker.

“On the situation of violence in and around Mexico Acapulco, tourist destinations like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta have been affected by not having a good influx of tourism and this year according to the expectations of wholesalers, is low and similar to the year past 70 to 100, I wish we had 500 to 700 which really is not anything we had ever had. ”

He said that all this has to do to regain foreign confidence in Acapulco are getting better and things are going well because of the Operational Guerrero sure has been a success and the authorities should strengthen them to stay for a long time.

“I talked a month ago with wholesalers and we have said we want to know the number of young people who come to prepare and have enough staff but expectations are low even though the company did Biachi Rosi promotion to 2×1 in the quarter hotel, people still are afraid to travel. ”

The employer disco, recommended that by 2013, the tourism authorities of the three levels of government implement an aggressive promotion abroad to regain that youth market Spring Breaker and other tourism.

He said there are several destinations in Mexico, including Acapulco that are still with the red flag not to be visited, so it is necessary to restore confidence abroad so they can come

“It’s a failure that we do not have people, we have struggled to care for them well and the U.S. prefer to go to destinations where we offer more security,” he said.

On the other hand, Oscar Bustos, reported that in the low tourist season and clubbers restaurateurs are only open from Thursday to Saturday and closed Sunday through Wednesday, some places like the Pure nightclub opens in seasons.

He said the strategy of opening the week has not worked well and that creates costs as tourism only comes on weekends or Thursday through Saturday.

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