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In Search of Affordable Health Care? Try Mexico

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For those looking for more affordable healthcare Mexico is a great option, many services are up to 50% cheaper than in the U.S. and Canada.

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Estimate that Mexico Could Advance Much More in Health Tourism

With an increasing influx of Americans and near in search of health services in Latin America, in Mexico can be up to 50% cheaper than in the U.S. and Canada, besides ensuring high quality facilities, treatments and medical professionals, that nation only recorded in 2012 an increase of 12% in this segment, which experts say has many merits, but it also faces many challenges.

In this regard, an article published this week in the newspaper Excelsior stresses that the country has to keep working hard on the issue of the promotion of its services and facilities for this modality in these neighboring nations, while redoubling efforts to ease slightly to little image of insecurity generated around some of their destinations, which has contributed to decay visitor arrivals who want above all rest and relaxation.

During the past six years of government, Mexico has taken important steps in order to generate an official program to boost medical tourism, which imbricara both specialists and institutions of the health sector, such as hoteliers, tour operators and travel agents with interest and likely to support this niche, and even the states where it showed further development.

As a result of this project, which will apparently Continuing the Ministries of Tourism and Health, the American nation has set the goal of gaining 2015 about 450 thousand visitors from the U.S. market attracted by its medical services, which would leave estimated revenue thousand 300 million dollars, according to official projections.

Refer the article mentioned that these aspirations of Mexican tourism authorities are nothing “crazy”, bearing in mind that they are based on the reality of a rising demand for which the country has specific guarantees of satisfaction. It should be remembered here that about 2 million U.S. travelers moved in 2011 for health reasons, and Mexico captured only 5% of those movements.

However, also specialists in the field say that, despite having so far focused their sights on the neighboring states of North America, this nation would also appreciate a thorough exploration in European tourism, another market that would enhance the business of hospitals, hotels and allow him to continue to increase their income and prestige in relation to an expanding niche worldwide.

They conclude that Mexico must also focus on their strong proposal for health and wellness tourism is integrated and harmoniously within a mosaic of deals, which have helped to position itself internationally as a nation with various alternatives for the enjoyment of those who visit.

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