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International Tourism Swinging Upward for Mexico

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Mexico is once again on the agenda of international travelers. The first months of 2012 brought a 4.8% increase of visitors to the country in comparison to the previous year, which represents 1.9 million visitors.

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Sectur Recorded Increase of International Tourists in the Country

During the first two months of the year three million 835 thousand foreign tourists visited the country, which meant an economic income of two thousand 222 million dollars, a figure 4.8 percent higher than the same period in 2011, said the Ministry of Tourism (Tourism Ministry).

Reliance said that according to a report of the Bank of Mexico, arrived in February nearly 1.9 million foreign visitors, representing an increase of three percent compared with February last year.

In a statement, the Tourism Ministry stated that the number of walkers from abroad rose 5.5 percent, and those who arrived by air 7.4 percent.

International visitors toured the magical towns, the 18 gastronomic routes, destinations in the Mayan World, the World Heritage cities, archaeological sites and traditional sun and beach destinations, with an economic 8.4 percent higher than the same month previous year.

The border tourists and cruise passengers also increased their spending, reporting an increase of 12.1 percent and four percent respectively, he said the Tourism Ministry.

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