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Mexican Politics are Like Tourism to Local Towns; 23% of Funds are Spent on Housing, Restaurants, etc.

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The war between political parties generates high dividends for the Mexican tourism industry and exploits a new segment: electoral tourism.


Photo Credit: El Universal

Original Article Text From El Universal via Google Translate :

Come in Tourism Spilled Nearly 386 million Pesos for Campaigns

The war between political parties generates high dividends for the tourism industry and exploits a new segment: tourism electoral campaigns for this year, expects to raise over 380 million pesos (mp) of the IFE budget allocated this year to the PRI , PAN, PRD, PVEM, Honeycomb, and so estimated Jorge Hernandez Delgado, president of the National Tourism Confederation (CNT).

The leader explained that according to a study of the body, almost 23% of the amount allocated by the IFE for campaign expenses, will go to housing, consumption in restaurants, air and land transfers, among other items.

He said the electoral tourism is a new segment of the industry without chimneys called that involves all actors directly and indirectly involved in campaigns, from logisticians to candidates (presidential, governors and deputies) of each of the contending parties in the states.

“The IFE reported that this year was allocated to parties 5 000 344 000 000 875 000 pesos to contest the elections, of which 560 000 thousand 680 million pesos will be used for campaign expenses, which means that 528 000 800 386 000 000 weights reach the electoral tourism, “said Hernandez.

The employer pointed out however, that the study by the Center for Research and Statistics for Business Tourism (CIEET) provides only the resources allocated by the IFE, but the numbers will increase as get input from the private sector.

Recognized as the coiner of the term “electoral tourism” Delgado Hernandez said this area is expected to capture at the close of nearly a thousand pesos including the participation of the private sector.

He noted that tourism is exercised by the political voting, or candidate for elected office, who with his team moves from its place of origin to another and makes at least one overnight.

Also president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agents (AMAV) recalled that six years ago electoral tourism caught between 30% and 40% of the IFE budget allocated to parties for campaigns, but this year that will be cut to 23% which shortened the closed time.

Travel agencies will grow 2%
He said the spill to bequeath to allow electoral tourism travel agencies additional 2% increase over the previous year, whereas sales amounted to 20 billion pesos a year.

Hernandez added that “the participating travel agencies with 60% in the total tourism product sales, and joined the electoral tourism anticipate a rise of around 3% in general,” he said.

Crime of “electoral tourism”
There is another meaning to the concept of electoral tourism. Patricia Vazquez, trainer in commercial crimes of the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes Care (Fepade), explained that the “electoral tourism is when voters are registered in two or more parts, sections or states at once. ”

The Fepade reveals that this lack is the second among the most frequent electoral offenses.

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