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Mexicana Airlines Abandons 540,000 Passengers

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The absence of Mexicana Airlines for the past 18 months, at which time it ceased operations, has left a vacancy of 17 national and 11 international routes, roughly 540,000 paying patrons. Furthermore, the absence of Mexicana Airlines means that Mexico does not have enough air connectivity, which becomes a limiting factor in boosting the tourism sector, says Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism.

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Mexico: Missing 28 Routes by Leaving Mexicana Airlines

The Ministry of Tourism of Mexico has reported more than a year and a half Mexicana Airlines ceased operations and despite the efforts of their competitors to increase flights, even missing to cover 28 routes , of which 17 are national and 11 international .

During the X National Tourism Forum , Undersecretary of Tourism Ministry of Tourism Planning, Jorge Mezher said that this lack of connectivity means that there is no air in the supply of 540 thousand seats .

It should be remembered that this federal agency filed a document reported that there is potential for the country to open 205 new flights , of which 89 international and 116 domestic would, as detailed in the Mexican press.

He said that Mexico does not have enough air connectivity , which is a limiting factor to boost the tourism product.

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