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Mexico Attractive to Private Investors

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The expectations for the growth of private capital in Mexico for private industry are excellent, due to the stability of the country’s overall economy which has not produced any significant imbalances, said Arturo Saval, president of the Mexican Association of Private Capital.

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Mexico, Attractive for Private Investment

Gerardo Rodriguez Regordosa, undersecretary of the Treasury, said that Mexico is prepared to face the vagaries of external volatility.

The expectations for the industry of private capital in the country are excellent, as the overall economy has not produced any significant imbalance, said Arturo Saval, president of the Mexican Association of Private Capital , Amexcap while inaugurating the seventh annual industry forum .

However he mentioned that there is a need to attract more resources and that Mexico is less than a tenth of foreign private capital investment to Brazil .

In this sense, Mexico announced that in 2011 attracted 25 investments in its best year, with a share of total private capital, measured against the GDP of 0.02% against 0.27% in Brazil that had 90 investment, this represented a penetration 12 times higher than Mexico.

Saval reported that 25 projects have been driven by private investment which amount exceeded $ 460 million, “the expectation I have is that this 2012 will double and reach nearly a billion dollars” , he said.

“We must emphasize that the last 12 issues of initial public offerings, eight have private equity investments. Private equity in Mexico is the second largest emitter on the Mexican Stock Exchange ” he said.

Saval revealed that the money has been raised through the Afores (44 billion) has already spent just over 42% within two years.

Meanwhile Cate Ambrose, president of the Latin American Private Equity , said the international perception of the Mexican market is excellent and more than 100 funds representing are investing in Mexico and A L.

Ambrose noted that the issue of violence, “has not impacted on the decisions of its members to Mexico, but, everything related to the lack of competition” .

Carlos Guzman , CEO of ProMexico , said “the country is in the right place at the right time and referred to Economic Sophistication Atlas published by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is located Mexico at No. 20, better positioned than China that is on site 29 and Brazil which is located at 58 ” .

Meanwhile, Gerardo Rodriguez Regordosa , undersecretary of the Treasury, said that Mexico is prepared to face the vagaries of external volatility, “Mexico is doing very well with the local components of aggregate demand and that is what is causing this sustained growth in the BMV ” .

“While the environment of the EU economy in Europe is moderate recession is not expected in Mexico an abrupt exit of capital, but neither is free from external fragility” he said.

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