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Mexico Is Ripe Pickings for International Investors

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The negative outlook on many international markets has caused investors to set their sights on Mexico where investors find security in emerging economies which maintain a constant growth rate in adversity and a turbulent global environment.

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Increases Mexico’s attractiveness for international investors

The negative outlook on the markets international investors has led to fix their gaze on emerging markets like Mexico, estimated the financial group Bx +.

The financial institution said that emerging economies maintain a constant growth rate in adversity in the global environment, they also appreciated security in its national environment, which could facilitate investment.

“The international environment favored Mexico. The announcement of the weekend on the disposition of Germany to relax its stance on the requirements to Spain gave a respite to the market and generated profits so far of the week “.

This Tuesday was released in the country information on the primary auction market, which showed positive results, since there was a general decline in the rate required by the market.

He said the most pronounced decline recorded Cetes 28 days to lose 10 basis points and settle at 4.17 percent, while variable-rate instruments recorded the minimum auction basis points, to 4.71 percent.

See more (Bx +) said in a document that these shifts in interest rates reflect greater investor confidence to a better global economic scenario.

“We expect this downward trend in interest rates remain at auctions during the month, but we must be careful because there may be some political and social unrest within the country to foreign investors anxious” .

Moreover, in the U.S., the rate of return of 10-year bond was little changed on the rise, in Europe, from Spain resumed growth after revealing problems in the social security system.

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