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Mexico Makes Unannounced Increase in Highway Tolls

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Mexico’s Federal Roads and Bridges administrators made an unannounced increase in several stretches of roads managed by the National Infrastructure Fund (FNI). Drivers along the country’s main corridors of Mexico-Cuernanvaca, Mexico-Puebla, Mexico-Queretro were affected by the increased. No official word was given as to why the sudden, unannounced increase.

Photo Credit: El Universal

Original Article Text From El Universal via Google Translate :

Highway Toll Increases 4%
December’s holiday season began with a 4% increase in average shares to tolls in major highways, from last Saturday without notice by the Communications Secretariat (SCT) for Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe).

In those stretches of highway managed by the National Infrastructure Fund (FNI), as comprising Mexico-Cuernavaca, Mexico-Puebla Mexico-Queretaro, mainly, which already charges for car 90, 125 and 130 pesos respectively.

The NIF is responsible for 36 concessions roads and four bridges in the country, all operated by Capufe, as these roads were rescued by the private sector in the crisis of 1995 and control passed to Banobras, which created the Rescue Fund Carretero.

The total number of concessions in Mexico totaled 60, including the federal government is responsible for four through Banobras and Capufe, while 19 more are in state governments, and the remaining are privately managed.

In several toll booths in the country, drivers of private cars increased heard through posters placed in the stands, as was the case of those who circulated for Veracruz, where the collection of the fee for cars is 51 pesos, and 26 pesos for those entering the highway from the federal highway Teziutlán.

The bus fee for two, three and four axle is 105 pesos, two and three-truck axles, 104 pesos; truck four-and five-axis, 192 pesos, while the trucks from six to nine axes, 265 pesos.

In the case of Chihuahua, Camargo quotas were set at 102 Delicias pesos Jiménez-Camargo, 69 pesos; Saucillo-Delicias, 51 pesos; Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, 78 pesos; Camargo-Conchos, 51 pesos; Sacramento Chihuahua, 51 pesos, Villa Ahumada-The Swedish, 134 pesos and the pronghorn-Santa Maria, 81 pesos.

In Sonora, it was reported that the increase was two dollars, so that Don station booths, Foundry, Hope, and Hermosillo, private cars are paid for 63 pesos, in Guaymas, Magdalena, 27 and 21 pesos respectively.

In addition, buses have to pay 105 pesos Don Station, Foundry and Hope and 106 pesos in Hermosillo, where last Friday were still 99 and 100 pesos, while the trucks, depending on the axes, will pay between 104 and 175 pesos.

The latest increase by Capufe was recorded in 2010, from January 1st Federal Roads and Bridges Access and Related Services reflected changes in the rates of VAT on toll rates and its own networks from the National Infrastructure.

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