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Mexico Raises Minimum Wage, But not Enough to Buy an Egg

Article Summary:

Mexicans earning the minimum wage will get a raise next year equivalent to 4.2%, which is about $2 US, not enough to buy a ticket on the metro or an egg. Labor unions argue with the government that the raise is insignificant while government officials remain tight lipped.

Original Article Text From El Universal, Mexico via Google Translate :

Minimum Wage Will rise 4.2% from 2012
They criticize the CROC and the rise UNT equivalent to almost two dollars, not even enough ‘for a metro ticket’

The board of representatives of the National Minimum Wage Commission, agreed to provide an overall increase for the three geographic areas of 4.2%, effective January 1, 2012.

This percentage increase, the geographical area “A” is at 62.33 pesos a day, the “B” and 60.57 “C” at 59.08 pesos. Last year was authorized for the current 2011 a general increase for the three areas of 4.1%.

The leaders of the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC) Isaiah Gonzalez Cuevas, of the Revolutionary Workers Confederation, Reyes Soberanes and the National Workers Union, agreed that the increase is insufficient, because the percentage of 4.2-to equivalent to almost two dollars, not enough even for a metro ticket or an egg.

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From El Universal, Mexico

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