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Mexico Reveals New Tourism Logo

Article Summary:

Mexico will spend $43.3 million in 2013 in promoting its country as a tourism destination, including the revamping of its logo and slogan.

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Original Article Text From Mexico Today:

Mexico Launches ‘Live It to Believe It’ Promotional Campaign

Gerardo Llanes, chief marketing officer of The Mexico Tourism Board, recently unveiled the country’s new tourism slogan, “Mexico: Live It to Believe it” to the Mexico Tourism Summit. At an increase of about 10%, the Mexico Tourist Board will spend $43.3 million on promoting the country. Ads are intended to be, “unexpected, personal, surprising and emotional, with a focus on experience,” according to Llanes.

Llanes describes the ads as a “visual language made of memories.” One ad aims to rebrand Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit into “Vallarta Nayarit” and the other promotes Mexico City as a leisure destination. They are designed to trigger emotional responses from two target audiences; consumers ages 35 to 65 with a household income of $100,000-plus and ages 25-45 with a household income of $75,000. A preview shown to the Mexico Tourism Summit, an audience composed of 40 tour wholesalers, heads of travel agent groups and association leaders had an overwhelmingly favorable reaction.

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  • Robert in Canada

    No ad will change my mind about Mexico.

    After numerous visits to various parts of Mexico (at least 20 visits) I know all I am to Mexicans is a walking wallet without a brain.

    They would prefer that all gringos get off the plane, empty their pockets in the airport, then get back on the plane and go away.

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