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Mexico: Tourists Drop $4 Billion in the First Quarter of 2012

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According to figures from the International Travelers Account Bank of Mexico, in January-April 2012 more than 8 million international tourists visited Mexico and spent over $4 billion while visiting, a 5.3% increase compared to the same period of 2011.

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Tourism Ministry reported income of more than 4 000 600 MDD

Over 4 thousand 600 million dollars entered Mexico during the first quarter of 2012 through international tourism, said Gloria Guevara, Secretary of Tourism. By participating in the B20 (Business 20), prior to the start of the G20 which brings together heads of states of the world’s major economies, said that from January to April the visitors made ​​an expense for 4000 $ 645 million, a figure 5.3% higher than the captured during the same period of 2011. ”

In that period, international tourists left economic spills of 3 thousand 962 million dollars, 6.2% increase over what was done last year and spent 3 thousand 784 million dollars, which means a increase of 6.1%, while the hard currency received by tourists increased 7.9% border.” He added that according to International Travelers Account Bank of Mexico, in January-April period came to our country more than 8 million international tourists, reflecting 1.2% more compared to the same quarter of 2011.

During that time the number of tourists in the hospital was 4 million 910 thousand tourists, ie, 4.6% higher and spending U.S. dollars averaged 494.9 , 4.9%, therefore the average expenditure of tourists increased by 1.5% while the border tourists rose by 12%. With respect to international hikers, they made ​​an average cost of 38.5 U.S. dollars, an increase of 4.5 % border hikers spending rose 4.9%, while cruise passengers increased their average spending 3.3%. With figures Integral Operating System Migration in the first four months of the year, Mexico recorded an increase of 147 nationalities in the number of visitors, the U.S. being the main source of tourists to our country, to report more than 143,000 visitors 2,000,000 air.

Stressed that the accumulated April 30, Canada 16 visitors reached 889,000, which represented an increase of 2.2 % while that of Argentina came more than 98 000 560 visitors, an increase of 27.4% and the UK arrived 96 000 511, an increase of 11.5% compared with the previous period. Finally, from January through April, visitors from Brazil increased 69.5% in France 8.3% Germany 5.4%, Italy 7% and Colombia 20.6%, visitors who arrived from Venezuela, Chile, Japan and Peru, reported increases of 36.8%, 13%, 18.4% and 33.3% respectively, compared with the first 4 months of last year.

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