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Mexico’s Bargain Airline Opens Routes to US

Article Summary:

Mexican budget airline Interjet has opened two new routes and is seeking out a third as it expands its operations into the United States.

Photo Credit: Interjet

Original Article Text From El Universal via Google Translate :

Interjet seek to open route to Los Angeles

The airline expects to achieve year-end to realize this project
Before the end of the year, Interjet seek to reach Los Angeles , California, in order to strengthen the growth and expansion of the airline abroad, in addition to paying for connectivity in Mexico .

They advanced the deputy director of the airline , Jose Luis Ramirez Magnani, who stressed the importance that the U.S. city has for the company, given the potential offered passengers, especially Mexicans, so they could begin to operate the short term.

“We are analyzing that part of California, we always enjoyed going with firm steps and when we see a route that is cost effective (…) very possibly before the end of the year we will be opening another route to America,” he said.

Speaking of the New Mexico-New York route which began operations yesterday, Magnani Ramirez said it reflected a level of sales higher than expected and so far have already sold up to December.

“It’s a big step, important for the airline, but not only reach but try to make it a profitable flight and the challenge is if you make it in New York in any other destination you are guaranteed success,” he said.

He revealed in an interview already in talks with the authorities of the International Airport John F. Kennedy for a frequency increase on this route, which could materialize in the coming weeks.

This is because currently 60% of airline passengers are basically carries the business and the rest of tourism, a situation that seeks to equalize or reverse, Magnani explained Ramirez.

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