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Mexico’s Billionaire Carlos Slim Pays Big to Rescue Acapulco

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Since the 80′s other tourists destinations inside and outside of Mexico have gained strength while little-by-little Acapulco was abandoned. Hoteliers, restaurateurs and other related sectors now are relying on a new project backed by the richest man in the world as its saving grace.

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Investing To Return Glory To Acapulco
Following sharp declines in foreign tourism between the decades of 80 and 90 of the last century and that ended the golden age of traditional Acapulco, hoteliers, restaurateurs and related sectors rely on a new project backed by the richest man in the world to rescue this area was the launch base at the international port.
Restoration of hotels, improving transportation, cleaning of beaches and job creation, form the cornerstones of the plan back to the harbor splendor that was once a favorite destination of Jet Set.

No defined budget, on 27 February in a ceremony headed by the chairman of Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim Helu, the federal Ministry of Tourism, the government of Guerrero and private initiative set up the Advisory Council to the rescue of traditional Acapulco, the which seeks to stimulate investment, revitalize the economy, create jobs and increase the influx of visitors.

For four decades, from 1940, international tourism boomed in Acapulco for its attractive beaches, which many international stars used as a natural setting for their films.

In this period were built many of the hotels that contributed to the fame of the port, such as Casablanca, Caleta Boca Chica, The Hammocks, Flamingos, Prado de las Americas, and Fishing Club Mirador, where characters like John F. Kennedy and his wife on their honeymoon, as well as Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley and Ursula Andrees.

Other visitors were Gary Grant, Gary Cooper, Rita Haywort, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Weissmuller, Orson Welles, Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn and John Wayne.

Other characters attracted by the beautiful bay and cliffs, as Germain Valdez Tin Tan, bought yachts and vacation homes or built palatial homes in Acapulco.

But from the 80′s the creation of other beach destinations internationally and in other regions, such as Cancun, Quintana Roo, Acapulco was abandoned by the federal government. “We were left without attention, but the proximity to the Federal District saved us that the port was not a ghost town,” said the president of the Acapulco Hotel Traditional, Javier Saldivar.

The leader announced previously worked with 85% and 15% international tourism domestic tourism. “The national tourism hotel and restaurant owners did not want to get,” he said.

To that was added during the presidency of Luis Echeverria Alvarez fought the government with Jewish businessmen, so that “began to close the markets and international tourism declined,” said Javier Saldivar.

Signed commitment to rescue
In late February in a hotel in the port signed a commitment to rescue the traditional Acapulco, which was also attended by representatives of federal and state Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Helu and 80 employers.

The first step would be intended to increase hotel occupancy over 30%, representing an economic impact exceeding $ 55 million, and the generation of about 6 000 jobs.

This will require the tourism real estate development, mobility and transport, and the recovery of public space, the recovery of property damage and regulation of investment shares in the short, medium and long term.

We also aimed to four projects “triggers” a Center for Biodiversity Papagayo Park, the Caleta and Caletilla Recreation Center, the Marine Museum and the Commercial Corridor Interactive Lobster-Manzanillo, all planned from scratch.

To start the state government pledged about 300 million pesos.

Intense work plan
With the installation of the Advisory Council opened an extensive work plan that includes, in addition to the revitalization of traditional Acapulco, security aspects of people and goods, cultural activities and recreation, urban infrastructure, promotion and incentives for domestic and foreign investment and generating new business.

According to the businessman Slim Helu, the physical rescue of the traditional area of Acapulco result in a better standard of living for the population.

For over 25 years the hotel sought unsuccessfully to rescue the federal government Traditional Acapulco, where, Saldivar, there are about 141 inns, of which 27 are closed and 80 are remodeled.

Javier Saldivar-owner of Casablanca Hotels and Real del Monte is now considered hopes of a resurgence of foreign tourists and then the “glamor” that characterized the region in international markets.

“Entrepreneurs will turn and added to the development of the economy. All restaurants, hotels, guest houses, we agree to seek the revival, “he said.

The president of the Union of Caletilla Restauranteurs Quiroz Juana Marquez, Jose Luis Ladero, announced that there is fear, but also confidence in the project because they expect to take in have to be relocated, then they were told that establishments that are located on the beaches will be moved to the Market Place Craft Caletilla.

“Do not flee to innovation, but we need to take into account in the draft to see where we are going to be relocated,” said the leader Caletilla restaurateur.

Will also be changes to the area of ​​the Plaza de Toros Caletilla and Islet Cove, where the Magic Marine World Water Park and Papagayo Park.

Chronic shirt
According to the chronicler and journalist Enrique Diaz Clavel, Acapulco was born on the peninsula beaches are Caleta and Caletilla, and following the opening of the Costera Miguel Valdes German-ranging from Caleta to the Naval Base Icacos-emerged Prado hotels of the Americas, Fishing Club, Casa Blanca, Del Norte and El Mirador.

Then, in the hotel nightclub Ciro White House acted the most famous orchestras-banda U.S. and in their gardens operated the so-called “Beach Comber”, which were developed turtle racing contests and presented the then famous dancer La Martinique.

In the meadow of the Americas hosted President Sukarno of Indonesia, who was greeted by his Mexican counterpart Adolfo Lopez Mateos, and the Los Flamingos became a private club of the “gang of Hollywood” composed of the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan, Orson Wells, Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn, as well as the big star John Wayne.

On the cliffs of La Quebrada first diver who jumped into the sea was the Buenos Aires Rogeberto Apac Rios, who was 11 years old, to make the risky sport in a tradition that is held in Acapulco.

In that very ravine the cosmic Mario Moreno Cantinflas filmed part of the movie “Rachel’s Bolero.” Acapulco was also the scene of the film “Pearl,” starring Maria Elena Marques and Pedro Armendáriz.

Benefits of the Second World War
For local journalist and chronicler also Anituy Rebolledo, Acapulco benefited from foreign tourists because of the Second World War, as the tourist destinations in Europe, especially, could not receive visitors, so the port visitors began to arrive from Canada and the United States and other countries.

The chronicler Anituy Rebolledo confirmed that in that golden age foreign tourists accounted for about 85% of the profits of the services sector operating in the traditional Acapulco, which began in the Zocalo, followed by La Quebrada and extended to the beaches Caleta and Caletilla.

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