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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Suffers Drop in U.S. Tourism

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U.S. tourists are no longer favoring the beauty of Puerto Vallarta, as the resort area continues to see a fall in the number of visitors. Experts say the drop is due in part to Mexico’s damaged image as a result from insecurity and the U.S. economic crisis.

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Vallarta Suffers Drop in U.S. Tourism

In the immediate term, the tourism sector of Puerto Vallarta has the priority to manage the recovery of the influx of U.S. visitors, which fell from 2009 and is still recovering.

This was announced the former president of the Hotel Association of Puerto Vallarta, Garciarce Gemma, who stated that the fall in U.S. tourism have combined several factors, including the neighboring country’s economic crisis and the damage arising from the insecurity that has affected Mexico as a destination in general.

In a blunt, pointed warning that the measures that the authorities and U.S. companies have issued to their nationals, have impacted negatively. To complete the vicious circle that has hurt Puerto Vallarta in the past three years , Garciarce also indicated that the reduction of seats in air connectivity has affected the spa, was another factor against.

He said that even though Puerto Vallarta is located two hours from California, not capitalized in more influx of American visitors because the rates are not competitive now with the new realignment of the aviation market after the exit of air from the Mexican company.

As positive points, argued the activities of this year that Puerto Vallarta has hosted, such as Tourism Tianguis summit last March and Latin America World Economic Forum have brought a significant rise in the influx of both domestic and foreign tourism. He added that the impact of Tourism Tianguis was evident in the spring vacation period for I expected this to take up in this summer season.

He hoped that recent meetings with U.S. operators wholesalers also leave their results in the short to medium term. on the change of municipal government, said he expects authorities for the good of destination strengthen the strict application of regulations to not rise to the anarchy on land use.
Until the first quarter of this year, driving the number of Puerto Vallarta had lost 35 000 air connectivity seats, compared to what was before the Mexican crisis and Alma.

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  • Robert in Canada

    I’m not surprised, just wonder why it took so long for visitors to realize how bad they get treated in tourist parts of Mexico compared to other countries.

    As a Canadian, the attitude I get in Mexico is “We want your money but we don’t want you. So just hand it all over and get back on the plane”.

    It’s quite a blatant attitude, they are not subtle about it. No more Mexico for me.

    Lots of other options in all parts of the world where they welcome Canadians and treat you as human beings.

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