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Rejecting Mexico City’s Garbage: Protests Continue at Ixtapaluca Landfill

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The people of Ixtapaluca Mexico do not want to be the waste dumping ground for the residents of Mexico City and have taken to blocking the Mexico-Puebla Highway, preventing garbage trucks from entering the new La Cañada landfill.

Photo Credit: El Universal

Original Article Text From El Universal via Google Translate :

Rejecting Capital’s Garbage
The sending of junk Federal District two landfills in the municipality of Ixtapaluca in the State of Mexico, revived the refusal of people to the operation of these sites in mines.

One of the landfill is in operation where the mine was The Miracle, which receives part of the solid waste and are not deposited on the western edge.

In this case, the council has not granted approval to the company Tecnosilicatos of Mexico to operate the landfill.
“Officially, as a council, we have not authorized or opening the request, so we are proceeding in this type of situation,” confirmed the PAN Councilman Angel Galindo.

The people of Ixtapaluca, who yesterday blocked for more than five hours the Mexico-Puebla and that 40 trailers impideron deposited waste disposal sites, also denounced the recent operation of a new landfill known as La Cañada.
“I opened another dump below and it affects the whole community why the Lord Mayor not come? give us the face, do not want the mess, “claimed Martin Ramos, one of the residents of the municipality until the end of this year prevented the passage of the trailers from the DF.

THE UNIVERSAL confirmed the existence of the two landfills.

In the first, operated by the Comprehensive Environmental Recycled SA de CV, the mine La Cañada, DF had trucks and compaction of the waste was deposited there.

“It’s a new site where we will deposit the trash. Miracle is next, “said one of the drivers who runs one of the trailers that moves away from the centers of transfer to the new disposal site.

The second mine is located in the Miracle, whose sign indicates that this is the Recycling Center for Integrated Energy and mineralization.

Yesterday, after 14:00 hours, the people of Ixtapaluca complained to municipal authorities, including the mayor, Humberto Navarro, who will present the permits that allow trucks from Mexico City government waste are deposited in these places.

“We will not Ixtapaluca become the dump of the Federal District,” said Roger Tapia inhabitant of the colony Jimenez Cantu, in the municipality, together with other neighbors who demanded the closure of landfills.

The place was attended by representatives of the governments of Mexico State and Federal District, who reiterated that they have the appropriate permissions.

Even one of the officers showed a document stating that the operation of the landfill in La Cañada is licensed operating since 2009.

Whereupon, the people demanded to know the minutes of council authorizing the permit and in any case, demanded the repeal of that document, because, they insisted, will not allow the deposit of a kilo of waste in landfills is two in the municipality.

In the case of the landfill at the mine El Milagro, in December 2007 the then mayor Ixtapaluca PRD, Mario Moreno Conrado, ordered the closure of the site was still under construction, arguing that local government had not authorized its construction.

Former mayor charged that the government of the State of Mexico, through the Ministry of Environment gave the company the support of Mexico Teconosilicatos to undertake the waste disposal site, located at kilometer 41 of Highway Mexico-Puebla, but local authorities were aware of the project.

The company in Mexico Tecnosilicatos then charged 100 pesos for every ton of trash from entering the Federal District Government to the private landfill, company officials reported.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the city government continues to send three landfills located in the State of Mexico, in Cuautitlan Xonacatlan and El Milagro, which was added and La Cañada.

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