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Richest City in Mexico is Also Latin America’s Safest

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Mexico’s San Pedro Garza Garcia, located south of Monterrey, boasts the title of richest location in Mexcio as well as the title of safest city in Latin America, where the crime rate hovers under 1%.

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Richest city in Mexico and Latin America, also the Safest

In San Pedro Garza Garcia, crime rates are down, the police is reliable, and organized crime activities kept to a minimum. This city, located south of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, one of the areas hardest hit by Mexico drug violence-is famous for its social, economic and industrial.

Furthermore, the lowest recorded in vehicle theft, murder and kidnapping: only 1% of all crimes committed in the state, according to the Attorney General. The security enjoyed by the inhabitants 125.000l over to the municipality of Garza Garcia is reflected in the influx of people into the restaurants at night and public spaces such as family Calzada del Valle, a recreational area used by individuals high socioeconomic status.

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