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Smart! Mexico Arms Small Towns to Be Sustainable Tourism Destinations

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A joint program between the Mexican National Infrastructure and the Tourism Sector Program is being used in the village of Sinaloa, Mexico to prepare its future as a sustainable tourism destination. The program’s core goal is to help small villages outline a plan of action to attract visitors.

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Present Sinaloa Tourism Program

The Tourism Sector Program includes 29 projects for Sinaloa detonators and 15 of the National Infrastructure Program and the strengths of rural tourism, including development opportunities for the sector.

It also establishes the great opportunities that will generate the Integrally Planned Center and Sustainable, “Beach Spirit” in Teacapán, south of the entity.

During the presentation of the program, the secretary of state Tourism Oralia Rice Rodríguez, noted that among the possibilities provided for generating new and better job opportunities in the region and boost socio-economic growth of the local population.

Also, create competitive tourism in the region, from the model of sustainable development and market-profile product that integrates residential housing areas with services and equipment of regional scope.

In addition, optimal tourism development plan by entering the Management System and Environmental Management to prevent, mitigate and compensate for project-environment interactions negative.

He said the program sets the goal commitment to recognize the importance of tourism in Sinaloa, its guiding principles, strategies and priority actions.

He noted that the matrix contains 4 strategic guiding principles, eleven goals, 48 ​​strategies and 205 actions.

With respect to the state, the guiding principles are proposed Tourism priority and consider tourism as a new engine of development.

Another objective is to promote the organization as the premier provider of tourism industry and increase the tourist value to offer international quality experience.

Also, make development with sustainability a key factor to make Sinaloa one entity more attractive to investment .

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