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The Little Known Key to Mexico’s Job Growth

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Tourism was the one sector that created the most jobs in Mexico, with more than 50,000 between 2006 and 2011, surpassing other industries such as foreign exchange earnings, oil, mining, and the automotive industry.

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Tourism is Key to Job Creation in Mexico

Between 2006 and 2011, tourism was the sector that created jobs in Mexico, with more than 50,000, surpassing other industries that contribute more foreign exchange earnings and the oil, mining and automotive.

A study by the National Tourist Business Council (CNET) shows that from 2006 to 2011 tourism generated 51,630 jobs, ahead of mining (30 724), oil (9286) and the automotive industry (17,200).

At the same time, the tourism sector had a growth of 41% in foreign exchange earnings, a section in which he surpassed mining, with 329% remittance (247%), oil (238%) and automotive ( 138%).

At the end of 2011, 2.4 million guaranteed tourism jobs in the country (6.9% of the national total), while the automotive sector responded by half a million, mining 310,000 for oil and 150 thousand.

The CNET, in “Tourism: 7 guiding principles, proposals and commitments 2012-2018″ notes that “should emphasize the importance of the tourism sector in job creation, a key indicator for the economy, despite its limited growth in terms of foreign exchange earnings. ”

On the latter subject, believes that the sector lost momentum and is wasted as a generator of foreign exchange compared to the export performance of other sectors closely linked to the global economy, as published by La Jornada.

That situation, he adds, “demonstrates the lack of dynamism and prioritization of tourism, which is also completely renewable.”

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