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United Airlines Increases Routes to Guadalajara, Mexico

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United Airlines is altering its flight routes from a crises-plagued European Union to more profitable destinations such as Asia, Brazil, and Mexico. Guadalajara will see the largest increase with up to 30 flights per week, says United. Guadalajara is the third largest city after Mexico City and Monterrey in number of passengers traffic for the airline.

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Redirect Flights by Economic Crisis, No Longer Flies both Europe

For the European economic crisis, the company has redistributed United Airlines flights to other places such as Asia, Brazil and Mexico, Carlos Enrique Hernandez, Executive Director of the company to Mexico. “Having the planes, which are movable assets, there are other regions of the world are experiencing growth as Asia, China, then you had planes flying to Europe are relocating to other sites is having growth,” he said.

He expressed this is a normal process of reorienting destinations on demand flights. Even in the crisis of 2008, not many American tourist traveling to Mexican beaches. Currently these routes and increased demand.

From the country, Guadalajara is the third largest city in number of passengers for United Airlines, after Mexico City and Monterrey. Executive Director of United Airlines to Mexico indicated who are celebrating one year of the six flights a week from Guadalajara to Houston and connecting Europe, and San Francisco, where you can fly to Asia.

“Guadalajara is very important to us, is the third city of the republic and flew to 30, then we are very confident that this year will give us very good results for both the square and the airline and these are positive indicators to look for new opportunities, “said Carlos Enrique.

By the time the airline does not provide new routes on the contrary is constantly analyzing the market to relocate the air routes. Something that is benefiting is the drop in oil prices, as impacts from 35 to 42 percent of direct costs of the airline

On another topic Carlos Enrique said they are open and ready for competition that will generate the airline Mexicana. “We know Mexicana de Aviacion, when you return it as a competitor and would be in the negotiation and normal competition as before and surely will resurface when we have no information how will that be, we thank the media because it is what we read and know, “concluded Carlos Enrique.

To wit: United began their operations to Mexico 45 years ago and today has flights to 30 domestic and international destinations and 500 flights per week.

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