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$15 Million in Expansions for Sunset Marina, Nicaragua

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Sunset Marina, the first tourist marina located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, will invest $15 million in its immediate expansion. Planned projects include an apartment style hotel and service buildings. To date, both domestic and foreign visitors have been spending between $160 and $400 per day at the marina.

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Original Article Text From El Nuevo Diario via Google Translate :

Sunset Marina Expand

Sunset Marina, the first tourist marina located in the Nicaraguan Pacific, will continue to spread. Its founder and director, Roberto Membreño ahead with expansion plans “immediately”, which will involve an investment of approximately $ 15 million.

But he added that the overall development master plan defined in the project is estimated at U.S. $ 350 million, in which participation is anticipated with a high brand hotel chain, which did not specify.

According to the employer, the expansion “immediately” is the construction of a module of two buildings with 32 apart-hotels luxury two, three and four bedrooms.

These will be integrated into the operations of the hotel, offering rooms for a diversification of foreign user to stay longer, appreciating the ecological environments.

In the construction described above is employed 500 people and hire other services. The next phase of development will take 18 months.

Fishing and tours of the country
The moment the Navy offers its luxury hotel with four star, 20 comfortable suites.

It has a variety of recreations including tennis courts, horseback riding trails and beach, boating or kayaking mangroves and estuaries which are interconnected gentle stretch for miles and its waters.

To date, the visitors, mostly foreigners and domestic residents with a spending power of between $ 160 and $ 400 per day. They have the option of fishing and make short trips to observe humpback whales arriving off the coast of Nicaragua earlier this year, coming from Alaska.

They can also take tours around the country. These are supplied from the Navy for tour operators and companies car rental agencies, and lead to the colonial cities of Leon and Granada. Just as Esteli, Matagalpa and other sites of interest.

It promotes
The founder and director of the Sunset Marina, Roberto Membreño, said that to date has a promotion in foreign markets, which anticipate an increase in the flow of visitors over 30% in the year.

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