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4 Little Known (But Interesting) Things About León Central Park (Video)

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4 Reasons You’ll Love León Central Park (Video)

As with most Central American cities, León’s central park is a gathering place for locals throughout the day and in the evenings. Here’s four reasons why you should put it on your travel agenda.
León Cathedral:
León Cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Central America. The city has more colonial churches and cathedrals per capita than any other place in Nicaragua; there are thirteen to check out in town.

Museo Ruben Dario:
Pick up some of his poetry (Azul is a good beginning). There is an art museum that has a good collection, including contemporary art. It occupies two houses. The main part on a southeast corner of the street runs from Parque Ruben Dario to the Cathedral (Avenida Central).

El Fortin:
For the best view over the city and the volcanoes, go to this old Somoza stronghold southwest of León, best reached from Subtiava. It’s a 20 minute walk, ask locals for directions.

Street Food:
It’s a great place for travelers to sample some authentic street cart cuisine.

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