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$7 Million Ometepe, Nicaragua Airport Nears Completion

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Nicaragua is nearing the completion of a $7 million airport located on the unique island of Ometepe, which is formed from two volcanoes in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

Photo Credit: Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

A new challenge for Ometepe
The beauty of the island “Twin Hills” as it was dubbed by the indigenous people by volcanoes Concepcion and Maderas, tourism may soon transcend “backpack” and become an international tourist island of reference, with the completion of the construction of the runway, which will facilitate access to higher income tourists and higher levels of demand. The island of 276 square kilometers and a population of 35,000 is racing against time as the track is to months to complete. PRESS sought details of the work with the company Meco, in charge of the work in Ometepe, but we were informed that they were not authorized to give details.

On June 6, 2011 at the official website reported that 19 Digital track Ometepe is designed to reach 1,500 meters long and 30 meters wide with perimeter fence and will have capacity to receive airplanes up to 42 passengers. According to the investment publication of the work would cost approximately seven million dollars. Although in a previous publication on October 9, 2010, Orlando Castillo, general manager EAAI said in the first stage of the work will be invested nearly eight million dollars with funds from the company, allowing the construction of the runway, and terminal platform.

“Certainly the track is a plus for the island because it is going to integrate a new dynamic, will give greater accessibility, there is a tourist market that does not like or is afraid, he fears, using the lake as a means of transport, there is a higher-income tourists are going to use this, so you will put extra pressure on the island in terms of developing capabilities and tourist accommodation as such, “says Colonel Ian, project manager Route Triangle South Enterprise Center Pellas.

To Colonel important thing is not only to improve the tourism offering Ometepe, but also the support that the State of which leads to the track. “I mean the track by itself means nothing if not improved the road network of Ometepe to extend the possibility that the tourist who comes to extend the period of visit, because right now is very limited supply of transport, mobility and Places to see, because the island is one third what you have in good condition. ”

Director of Tourism Services and Tourist Protection of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur), Aurora Acuña says that the track is in its final stage, and in two months may be working. He says that “we are preparing as Intur, we are preparing the conditions with employers, working on the issue of quality and yes there are tourist offers to receive tourists.”

Ensures that the Intur drives “a whole training program for entrepreneurs with the South Triangle project, because we are coordinating with them who are working on the issue of Coinvierto, financing for companies.”

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