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Arriving Soon in Nicaragua, Canadian Aircraft

Article Summary:

Nicaragua signed a reciprocal agreement with Canada permitting air operations in their respective countries. Nicaragua is pinning hope on the agreement as a baby step toward tourism and investment between both countries.

Original Article Text From El Pueblo Presidente via Google Translate :

Nicaragua sign Minutes of Meeting on Air Transport in Canada

The Government of Nicaragua through Nicaragüese Institute of Civil Aviation (INAC) will sign the Minutes of Meeting on Air Transport with the official delegation of the Government of Canada. The signing of the Minutes of Meeting is the first step that will both States to subsequently ratify a bilateral agreement signed with the approval of the Presidency of the Republic.

According to the Legal Coordinator by INAC, Dr. Aveling Arauz, the agreements reached as part of the Minutes of the meeting will enable the two countries the start of operations, for example, both Canadian airlines in Nicaragua and Nicaraguans in Canada. “With this agreement, Nicaragua is moving forward in the consolidation and development of civil aviation, promoting agreements with other states as we are today confirming the agreement with Canada.

This effort began in the year 2011 through the management and tried to approach the INAC with the Government of Canada to reach an agreement that would create a link to develop tourism and investment in other sectors between both countries, “said Dr. Arauz.

The event will take place on January 19 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry) of our country, with the presence of senior Foreign Ministry officials, INAC and the official delegation of the Government of Canada.

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