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Band Up! Nicaragua Needs to Reach Out to Fight The Growing Threat of Organized Crime

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Security specialists to Nicaragua are encouraging its country to strengthen partnerships with other Central American countries to fight crime as it currently faces an isolated battle against the growing threat of Los Zetas and Sinaloa cartels.

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Country Must Strengthen Alliances in the Region
Information about a likely growing threat of Los Zetas and the Sinaloa cartel in the region is “a warning signal,” said Elvira Cuadra, security specialist.

“The most likely scenario is that Zetas and Sinaloa consolidate their position: Zetas on the Caribbean coast? Mexico and Central America? and Sinaloa on the Pacific coast, “said the AP, the regional representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio Mazzitelli.

Block reported that the authorities should confirm this assessment and take appropriate action. The specialist stated that is a challenge for the government to maintain public safety levels in the country.

Nicaragua to strengthen partnerships with other countries in the area and prevent the country is isolated in the fight of this crime, the specialist recommended.

“In any case the measures that governments have to make, should have a regional perspective and take into account this kind of signals or alerts that are being taken to prevent further aggravate this situation,” explained Block.

Regarding the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking, Cuadra considered that the main challenge the country have the ability to keep so far achieved to stop this type of crime and strengthen criminal justice system.

As the work of the National Police in combating this crime, Cuadra called it “quite efficient” since estimated that this area has been the dismantling of gangs and drug shipments occupation.

But in the rest of the administration of justice, considered that there is still better results. “And that’s where we need to strengthen,” advised the security specialist.

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