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Election Irregularities “Aka” Perceived Fraud, Continues Fall Out. Freedom House Now Refuses to Consider Nicaragua a Democratic State.

Article Summary:

The Freedom House political observatory group ceased to consider Nicaragua a democratic state because of alleged irregularities in last November’s election, it warns in its recently published annual report.

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Nicaragua is no Longer Democratic State

The Freedom House political observatory ceased to consider Nicaragua as a democratic state because of alleged irregularities in last November’s election, warns in its annual report published yesterday.

The nongovernmental organization believes that the Nicaraguan case “more serious” recorded in 2011 in Latin America against the civil and political rights for “irregularities before and during the presidential election, which kept the Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega in office” details the study.

Freedom House considers that last year there were several events which “showed that almost authoritarian populism remains a threat to political stability in the region.”

Freedom House accused the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa and his government made “an intense campaign against media critical” in their country, using “state resources to influence the outcome of a referendum” and promote restructuring of the judiciary “in flagrant violation of constitutional provisions.”

In Mexico, the agency accused the government institutions to be unable to protect citizens from organized crime, journalists and elected officials.

Warns of inadequate police actions in Puerto Rico and violence in Venezuela and Brazil.

In contrast, highlights positive developments in Guatemala, to create an international commission to investigate impunity and corruption in the country’s institutions, and a “slight improvement” in Cuba to reduce certain economic constraints.

Globally, Freedom House defines 2011 as one of the key years of history in the advancement of civil and political rights, while emphasizing contradictions, especially following the considered “Arab spring”.

“Although the Arab spring led to a breakthrough in some countries, also caused a harsh reaction and sometimes killed, with the leaders of many countries struggling to suppress real or potential threats to their governments,” the report said, citing the impact on countries such as Bahrain, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE and Yemen

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