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Free Zones in Nicaragua Going After European Markets as Trade with US Slips

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Given the possibility of reduced orders from the U.S., the free zone sector in Nicaragua is looking across the big pond with hopes of conquering the European market.

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Free Zone Seeks Markets
The EPZ sector Nicaragua seeks to reach the European market to diversify its exports, with the possibility that its main buyer, the United States, strongly reduce orders.

Dean Garcia, executive director of the Nicaraguan Association of Textile and Apparel (Anitec), said that although “it is a minimal amount” of about $ 80,000 every three months what it started exporting to Europe, “the important thing is that we is raised the alternative. ”

Garcia explained that as a nation there is a benefit for the fact that many maquiladoras are leaving China, “because it is not the paradise of low prices” and are moving operations to Central America.

But the fear of Anitec is that if the European market continues to fall, and China will equal the United States. “If we close the year with 15 percent growth would be fabulous,” he said.

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