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How Thousands of Businessmen Are Shaping Nicaragua

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An article by Humberto Belli Pereira in Prensa Nicaragua captures the potential beneficial economic shifts tourism and foreigners can bring to Nicaragua, a country ruled by a leftist party whose members, at some point, postulated the most rancid anti-capitalist concepts.

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Guacalito and Capitalism

The Millionaire Tourism Project, Guacalito Island, is an excellent case to illustrate important nuances of the capitalist system. In Latin America, a region where thought has penetrated much neo Marxist, capitalism tends to be associated with farm-rich fat on the sweat of the poor, or be conceived exclusively as an economic system, which is based on private property and profit.

These concepts have caused much damage and upset history. One of the first to observe it was Max Weber. He coined the term “Spirit of Capitalism”, implying that it was also a cultural system, with a mentality or eigenvalues ​​and novel. Pirates conquerors sought to profit and gold, but they were not capitalists. These emerge as the ruling class until the system gave political and cultural space and support the growth of a new class of stakeholders: employers, individuals with a kind of vocation or “calling”, engaged in systematic and sustained creation of wealth through the rational organization of production factors, and working within a common legal framework.

Michael Novak upgraded to Weber, adding, in values ​​that he called “democratic capitalism” creativity, the desire to innovate and take risks: “Its main activity is to grasp what needs to be done to provide a new good or service.”

Guacalito Island is probably the most representative of this initiative spirit ever undertaken in Nicaragua. Be the first to invest-and risk-as did the Pellas, $ 250 million in a luxury resort spas and hotels worthy of the international jet set, requires a lot of conceptual audacity, courage and vision.

If all goes well, the benefits of this project will be extraordinary in terms of promotion of tourism, foreign exchange earnings, employment generation and open businesses. This would corroborate the great creative force of the free enterprise system, a fact recognized by Marx himself when he wrote that “The bourgeoisie, during its rule of scarce one hundred years, has created more massive production forces and colossal that all preceding generations taken a whole. ” Marx’s mistake was to believe that capitalism would end up impoverishing the working class, causing their own extinction and the advent of socialism, where the state system would replace the business class to bathe goods to the needy. Was reversed. The multiplication of the wealth created by the creative initiative of thousands of businessmen and other measures of equity, would get people off poverty. Today less poor countries, or where the poor are less so, are those who seek the best conditions for entrepreneurs to develop their full creative talent. It was rather the socialist countries which sank without redeeming the poor, and the reason was simple: through the state comptroller heavy and inhibited or stifled entrepreneurship. The Pellas of Cuba were forced to emigrate to Miami, where he produced the billions of dollars that the Communist authorities prevented them from creating at home. Deprived of the productive force, the island became an international beggar.

In the eighties Ortega and his cronies harassed the private equity and reaped great economic downturn. Today I try running the country better and better. But there is still one fundamental qualitative leap: a reliable and stable legal framework. This would facilitate the multiplication of the Pellas and help bathe Guacalitos and prosperity to the entire nation.

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