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How to Live in Nicaragua for $1400 a Month

Article Summary:

Expats Gord & Elisha from Canada tracked every single Cordoba spent for one month of living in Nicaragua in an attempt to answer the question; “How much does it cost to live in Nicaragua?”

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One Month’s Living Expenses: Granada, Nicaragua

Starting on April 1st Gord and I have tracked every single cordoba we’ve spent through to the end of the month. To help us with this task we’re using a great little app called iXpenseIt. It’s available on iTunes for $4.99 USD and so far it’s worked great in helping us track our purchases and better manage our money.

Before you ask us why we would bother to take the time to do such a let me explain why. When Gord and I were researching our move to Nicaragua the burning question was,

“How much does it cost to live in Nicaragua?”

We had difficulty finding the kind of detailed information we were looking for so today’s blog post is dedicated to those of you out there with the same question.

Before jumping right to the numbers I want to share a few important details regarding our lifestyle and the way we chose to live.

We are currently renting a brand new studio apartment in Granada, Nicaragua. It is fully furnished and our apartment complex has large saltwater pool, rooftop terrace and too many other amenities to mention. Although our apartment offers hot water and air conditioning we choose to live without.

We own a 2001 Hyundai Galloper that we use for the occasional road trip and out of town travel. Granada is a very walkable, so that’s how we typically get around.

We have no children or pets.

We prepare and eat most of our meals in house, but enjoy dining out at least a couple of times per week. We are also big fans of ice cold Tona and Flor de Cana.

Our targeted budget for this month was $1400 USD. We know some expats who are living on a lot less and others who are living on much more. We are very pleased that we managed to end the month off at $1404.51, just $4.51 over budget.

Now onto the numbers…

The table below shows a detailed summary of our expenses by category. Please note that the exchange rate is based on 23 cordobas per $1 USD

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