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Immune Syndrome Alert: 8 Children Dead, Nicargua Tightens Its Borders

Article Summary:

The Ministry of Health of Nicaragua declared a health alert at its borders in order to monitor and control any symptoms related to an immune syndrome seen in recent weeks in the northeastern region of Guatemala.

Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Health Emergency In Border Areas Of Nicaragua

The Ministry of Health (MoH) of Nicaragua declared a health alert border areas to monitor and control any symptoms related to immune syndrome in recent weeks caused the death of 8 children and eight others that are observed in the city Zacapa is located in the northeastern region of Guatemala, said Dr. Francisco Reyes, director of the MoH in Nueva Segovia.

Reyes said the health workers located in the twelve municipalities of Nueva Segovia, but especially those that are located on the border with Honduras, began surveillance and case finding from the weekend, alert to any signs of disease considering the permanent income Central Americans crossing the border at Las Manos.

The official added that the MoH is able to address the blood and stool cultures required in the laboratory department in Ocotal, as well as in laboratories and Quilali Jalapa, also has sufficient stock of Tamiflu vaccine and medication to deal with any case are present.

The MoH has focused surveillance to all children under five years to submit all respiratory and digestive diarréicoo but has some connection with Guatemala, “and if so will be immediately considered suspect otherwise be considered normal respiratory symptoms “stressed Reyes.

According to local newspaper El Zacapaneco of Zacapa in Guatemala, are 8 Minos of 6 months through 11 years of age who have died in the last 4 weeks and nine that are still under observation.

Health authorities initially presumed that it was the intake of a plant called “donkey eggs”, which is toxic, but in laboratory tests was discarded.

All I can say is that the symptoms displayed by the inpatient infested are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and sometimes fever.

The publication refers to the statements of doctors Jaime Guerra (Chief of Health) and Juan Tomas Garcia, director of the hospital in Zacapa, that this type of Neurological Syndrome is associated with type B Influeza but not yet known to science some of what it is producing.

However, Tuesday Francisco Arredondo, Guatemala’s Minister of Health, reported that with the help of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, United States determined that three children died were influenza B and one rotavirus, while awaiting results of the other children, according to local newspaper.

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