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Italian Airline Blue Panorama Arrives in Nicaragua

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The Italian airline Blue Panorama will soon begin operations in Nicaragua and starting July 2012 will offer flights from Rome to Managua, with a stop in Havana. The company has plans to launch its services to the rest of Central America.

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Airline reaches Nicaragua
Panorama Blue also plans to open an office in Managua to offer their services to the rest of Central America.

President of Blue Panorama Airlines, Francisco Pecci, visited Managua and told official media that since the July 11 flight from Rome will.

He explained that his “intuition” is that Nicaragua “is a country of great future with high confidence” and sees a good future “not only economic, but also tourism.”

The itinerary starts in Rome Blue Panorama, will stop in Havana, Cuba and will continue in Managua, and the return is a direct flight to the Italian capital, Pecci said.

He added that the company transports about 60 thousand people each year from Rome to Havana.

According Pecci in the medium term could increase the frequency of flights and establish a direct route between Rome and Managua, depending on demand.

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