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Marketing Nicaragua: Step One, Secure the Nation

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Nicaragua is trying to promote itself as a tourist destination, and brought together over 130 countries to its annual fair to promote itself, but it will take more than a conference to make the country attractive. It must become safer, cleaner and more investor friendly before it can adequately promote itself.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Aspects of Tourism
In April of 2012, as published in the press, held the International Fair of Tourism of Nicaragua (Fenitur), which converge over 130 domestic and 35 to 40 U.S. wholesalers. UU., Canada, Central and South America, whose aim is to introduce the domestic and international tourist destination in Nicaragua.

Consider meritorious conduct such events, because they project the country, but should become more perennial, or extend a regional fairs (held in different regions, so that the investor knows in situ of the culture, development and tourism potential of each area the country), among others.

To reverse one must first project the image of Nicaragua as a tourist destination, which is a challenge that the industry and government have. In order to attract the investor must provide legal certainty and security. Also, the tourist must show a clean country which takes a good image for us that we recommend or revisit.

The illegal dumping should be removed, and for this the police and other authorities must rigorously enforce fines to any person to throw garbage on the street. The mayor, the Central Government, private business, schools, universities, etc., through contingency plans, should encourage citizens to put trash in its place, installing more public trash cans and signs in the cities, so that the citizens themselves take consciousness of the problem, which also affects public health.

Do not forget that ethnic tourists (the Nicaraguan who lives abroad) American, European, inter alia, take into account factors such as care or service, infrastructure and cleaning or hygiene of the country in general, because the countries where they come from a culture very different in these respects. Maybe the Nicaraguan, unlike others, has much warmth, friendliness and expressiveness, but in terms of infrastructure, tourism and health professional, needs to be done, starting with the mentioned problem of litter is an ignorance that must be eradicated and that we produce less waste than others.

In terms of safety, we are relatively good, because in Nicaragua the homicide rate is 14 per 100 thousand inhabitants. This is a plus for attracting investment and tourism.

 Nicaragua, only in natural resources, has an immense potential for tourism in the region, it boasts nearly 1,000 kilometers of coastline summing the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic oceans, volcanoes, mountains, countless rivers and water sources, such as tropical forest reserves Bosawas , Indian Corn and Guatusos, two large lakes: Xolotlán Cocibolca (together make up more than 9 thousand square kilometers of fresh water), plateaus, ridges, valleys, plains, biodiversity, among many others.

 With all this natural beauty is a blessing from God, Nicaragua has the tools to develop fully in terms of tourism, but primarily we must learn to care for and use our natural resources, which is the responsibility of each one of us. In this way we project our beautiful Nicaragua, attract tourism investment and improve our economy and quality of life.

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