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Mega-Oil Refinery Project Brings both Hope and Concern to Nicaragua

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A Mega Oil Refinery construction, first of its kind in Central America, which has caused projects in Costa Rica and Panama to be delayed is bringing both hope and concern to the residents of Puerto Sandio, Nicaragua.

Photo Credit: El Nuevo Diario

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Residents of Puerto Sandino Hope to Get Work

Puerto Sandino and surrounding areas were long forgotten. But for about six months and feature a hydraulic concrete road. They now work for the work of “The Supreme Dream of Bolivar”, a refinery will have capacity to store one million 80 thousand barrels of diesel fuel, petrol, full oil, jet fuel and gas, the initial phase of work gives hope the residents of Puerto Sandino.

This construction, first of its kind in Central America, now delayed the intentions of countries like Costa Rica and Panama to do something well, but fuels the desire of Nicaraguans as Francisco Javier Poveda, 25, who applauds the development who now lives in the area, and hopes that the refinery will be a source of jobs.

“Just the road and is an improvement, with the refinery already working once must have a job, come out of that more investors and can generate more jobs, in addition, a refinery in Central America there, “said the young man who lives off the land where the construction of the ambitious project. ¿will lower fuel value? However, Francisco Javier have doubts about whether Nicaraguans, once the megaproject, will fuel cheaper.

Construction, whose bid was the China CAMC Engineering Co. Ltd., Camce, is located between the beaches of Miramar and El Velero, where workers work against the clock to conclude as soon as possible the first stage of the work. Ramon Poveda Rivera, 55, who lives in the El Perico, also welcomes the development that you feel in this county. “We’ve improved a lot … this is a great achievement, I do not know what will happen next,” he said. The refinery, as part of its design, will have 3.8 km of undersea pipeline to transport the fuel tanks will reach storage.

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