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Mexico Heavily Investing in Nicaraguan Bimbo

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Mexico has moved more than US $90 million to invest in Nicaragua. The country is gearing up for more investment from its northern neighbor in 2012 with the incorporation of Grupo Industrial Bimbo, the largest food distributor globally and Maseca corn flour.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Nicaragua

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Mexico Invests More in the Country

The 2011 was a good year to attract investment in Mexico to Nicaragua, which amount to 90 million dollars. Among the new investment included the installation of plant Sukarne fattening and expansion of new stores Walmart Store Inc.

Aguerri Adam Joseph, president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP), said that one should “continue to attract the Mexican investment because that way you generate more jobs and makes the economy grow.” COSEP and Mexican-Nicaraguan Business Chamber (Camexnic), have high expectations that in 2012 investments are realized and Grupo Industrial Bimbo Maseca.

Maseca is interested in building a processing plant to produce corn flour. No detailed proposal of what would be the Grupo Bimbo bakery company and the largest distributor of food globally. Carlos Salinas, President of Camexnic said delegations from both companies have been negotiating with the Government and local entrepreneurs.

For its part, Mexico’s ambassador in Managua, Raul Lopez Lira, confirmed that permission for Nicaraguan beef exports to their country próximo.Dijo extended until May to be released once fully Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Nicaragua declares with controlled risk status of the disease known as the evil of “mad cow”, which is expected to be in April.

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