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Nicaragua: 5 Don’t Miss Adventures

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The problem about Nicaragua is that there are just way too many amazing activities to sort through. Here are 5 great Nicaraguan adventures you won’t want to miss.

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You have just done it.

You have just booked your Nicaraguan dream vacation and you just can’t wait to put together your itinerary. With all of the amazing activities like surfing, volcano exploring, snorkeling, diving, ATV riding, kayaking, wind surfing, hiking, nature explorations, paddle boarding, and even zip lining on a volcano, where should you even begin? Nicaragua has so much to offer — from warm white sunny sand beaches to the lush green tropical forests filled with wildlife and exotic flora and fauna. The problem about Nicaragua is that there are just way too many amazing activities to plan for just one vacation. But with just a little planning, you will be able to create a week long trip itinerary that will have a little something to offer everyone in the family.

Here are 5 great Nicaraguan adventures you won’t want to miss:

5. You cannot miss out on the surfing.
As last years host of the “World Masters Surf Championships” on Colorado Beach, you have to at least check out some of their amazing waves. With great locations to appease the surf legend in you, to the perfect white water sand breaks for the beginners, this country offers warm waters, even warmer sunshine, and pristine beach breaks perfect for hanging ten. This will be sure to be part of the trip that every member of the family will enjoy. With some great beachfront restaurants, equipped with hammocks and lawn chairs right on the sand, and service with a smile, everyone will love the trip to the ocean. You have to make sure to check out some of the great beaches that Nicaragua has to offer.

4. Experience the natural wonders.
This tropical paradise, though small, really packs a punch. The jungle is filled with monkeys, sloths, jungle cats, tons of birds, reptiles, and exotic animals. Take at least a day out of your trip to spend some time in the raw and lush jungles of Nicaragua. With tons of volcanoes to hike and explore, make a day of it and throw in a little bit of zip lining to add some adrenalin. Use a guide on the tour to learn about the many symbiotic plants and legends of the many tumultuous volcanoes you may choose to visit.

3. Conquer a volcano!
With so many to choose from you will be sure to find one that intrigues you. One that comes to mind is the distinctive Cerro Negro volcano. Just barely sleeping having most recently erupted in 1999, this makes for quite the adventure. The steep climb is feasible just taking a few hours to get to the top. The black volcanic sand makes for a bit of an interesting ascent; nevertheless the 360-degree view from the peek is well worth the climb. The decent is one of the more famous of the volcanoes as you can choose to do it on a sled or a “snowboard” if you are feeling adventurous. Suit up and slide down the steep face in the black sand as you snowboard down the world famous black soil volcano.

2. Take in some local fun.
Find a way to let the family soak up some the of country’s rich and interesting culture on your Nicaraguan Vacation. Perhaps there is a local festival during your stay. Enjoy outdoor parades, local fares, and check out what some of the fun street vendors have to offer in terms of souvenirs. If you are worried about keeping an eye on little ones, then check out a local folklore performance. You can enjoy one at the national theater, or visit Leon or Masatepe for the weekly outdoor shows. With fun live music and local dancers the family will be sure to enjoy embracing what it is to be Nica, and all the pride that comes along with the local heritage. Make sure to stay for the end of the show for the appearance of The Old Man and Woman, “El Viejo y La Vieja,” as they will be sure to get a laugh out of you.

1. Take time to Relax.
One of the staples of a good Nicaraguan day is a mid afternoon siesta followed by a delicious local dinner and possibly a Flor de Cana or Tona. Bask in this local tradition and break up your day with a nice swing in a hammock and a few moments to just lay back and soak it all in. Let this be a vacation where in between your adventures you give your self some time to unwind and enjoy it all.

Nicaragua is jam packed with great adventures and wonderful activities, take your time to plan and scout out just exactly what you would like to accomplish on your adventure to paradise. Trips to the beach, jungle, volcanoes, or lagoons, no matter which destination and activities you choose you will be sure to have a family adventure of a lifetime!

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