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Nicaragua Aims to Diversify Itself

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Nicaragua is betting on footwear and automotive parts to diversify investments in the country by allowing these two industries to work under the tax free zone in 2012.

Original Article Text From la Prensa Graphica via Google Translate :

Nicaragua Provides Investment Diversification
The Government of Nicaragua is expected to diversify investments into the country under the tax free zone in 2012, particularly in footwear and automotive.

In statements published by the newspaper La Prensa de Managua, the executive director of the agency Pro Nicaragua Investment Officer, Javier Chamorro, said in February the first meeting be held with representatives of at least 15 suppliers of the BMW brand, joining different types of auto parts.

Chamorro said his country hopes to create “development poles” with companies engaged in the manufacture of footwear and parts for the global auto brands. In that context, he stressed that the meeting held in February will allow BMW providers to know the country and finding success with companies operating in this sector that are already installed.

He said that companies operate in Nicaragua automotive harness Arnecom Japanese Mexican capital, and Draexlmaier, German capital. In the footwear sector are the SCA-producing shoes and Footwear Techshoes Nicaragua, both Brazilian investment, and a Taiwanese-owned company manufactures boxes for shoes.

Nicaragua is planning a second meeting in June with representatives from some 45 companies in the footwear sector in Asia, South America, Europe and USA.

This meeting, Chamorro said, not only for promoting Nicaragua as a potential destination for these investments, but to Central America in general.

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