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Nicaragua Airways Opens First Route to Europe

Article Summary:

Nicaragua welcomed its first direct flight from Europe in July. The Rome to Managua route is an alliance between the Italian airline Blue Panorama and the new national airline, Nicaragua Airways.

Photo Credit: Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Nicaragua opens to Europe

Twenty people came to Managua by flight BV 1346, the first of the Rome-Managua, which landed at 7:27 pm yesterday at the International Airport Augusto C. Sandino.

Although the Boeing 767-300 aircraft that will make the weekly flight holds 272 people, the fact that in total (round trip, including scale) the connection has been addressed by more than 120 passengers is described as “excellent” by the agency Anyway Travel, responsible for promoting these flights.

The Rome-Managua flight with a stopover in Havana, lasts 14 hours, while the return flight from Managua to Rome is 10 hours and 50 minutes.

The Rome-product Managua yesterday began the alliance between the Italian airline Blue Panorama, the new national airline Nicaragua Airways, and has high expectations.

The general manager of Travel Anyway, Noel Cox, reported that next Wednesday’s flight, which goes from Managua, until yesterday and were 23 tickets sold, so it is expected that this new route is successful.

“Historic day”
Chief Executive of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur), Mario Salinas Pasos, called yesterday was “a historic day,” as it is the first time the country has a direct connection with Europe. “It’s a dream finally came true,” he said last night shortly after receiving passengers.

Thus has “broken a huge barrier” facing the country to attract European visitors, and is “very important” has been able to establish connection with Rome, because “through Rome we can make a number of connections to Germany in northern Europe, eastern Europe … and open to a number of markets that could not come before our country, “he said.

Jorge Miranda, president of Nicaragua Airways, agrees that Salinas “are taking important steps to the history of our country.” “With this first flight are opening the doors to our country for tourism development, economic development,” he said.

The Italian ambassador to Nicaragua, Antonio d’Andria, said, “is an absolute novelty” this connection, “with six, seven hours less time, at a lower price.”

Every Wednesday the airline Blue Panorama of Rome will make a stop in Havana and Managua reach. The same plane will leave at night in Managua on a direct flight to Rome.

The ticket price is $ 970, not including airport tax, which costs $ 38. Cox reported that these prices will remain until March next year.

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