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Nicaragua Ambitiously Desires $1 Billion in Investment, But Unwilling to Detail Plan.

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Nicaragua has an ambitious plan of seeing $1 Billion in direct foreign investment this year. How will they go about it? Critics aren’t sure, and some say neither is the government, who is either unwilling or unable to share their economic growth strategy.

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Country Lacks a Plan for Growth

In Nicaragua it is still unknown whether or not a plan that both the public and private, can continue to drive economic development.

José Antonio Baltodano, president of the board of the Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUNIDES), and one of the nation’s largest employers, said you need to know the Government’s strategy to boost economic development in order to able to achieve a seven percent growth per year.

“The Government’s economic plan for the next five years do not know. We could talk and see the different points to achieve it, “said Baltodano.

The presidential delegate Pro Nicaragua, Alvaro Baltodano, said the plan exists, at least to attract investment and includes “having a number of interests in international forums” to deliver the benefits of the country.

This year again the government is committed to ensuring that are captured at least 1.000 billion in foreign direct investment.

Last year was set the same goal but achieved $ 740 million, according to the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN), although the government claims that were $ 900 million.
While employers believe they can achieve the goal, they argue that the challenge is to harness the momentum that has the country to enhance their productive capacities and competitiveness.

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