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Nicaragua Approves Electricity Rate Increase

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Nicaragua approves a 9% energy rate increase while granting as subsidy to the consumers of less than 150kw.

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Original Article Text From El Pueblo Presidente via Google Translate :

Energy Subsidies is an Attitude of Justice Toward the People of Nicaragua

The current president of the Economic Commission of the National Assembly, Deputy Wálmaro Sandinista Gutierrez, said the subsidy on electricity rate driven by the Government of National Unity and Reconciliation chaired by Commander Daniel Ortega Saavedra, is an attitude of justice to the Nicaraguan people in the process of restoration of rights.
“If we measure the impact it could have had (energy rate increase) if we had not taken effective action by the President (Daniel) Ortega to secure a grant, a grant match, on the one hand of partnership resources to the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and on the other budgetary resources, it is good news for Nicaragua, as an impact of more than 20% in power simply brings the game to Nicaragua as part of American competitiveness, “said Gutierrez.

According to the parliamentary approval of an increase of 9% of the electricity tariff and the subsidy to consumers of less than 150kw / m is a proper and successful decision taken by a statesman of the stature of President Daniel Ortega. ” It is an attitude of justice, we believe that is fair, because effectively we must ensure that the pocket of the most economically vulnerable Nicaraguans are affected as little as possible look and Nicaraguans who have some financial ability to meet these blows, man is to face That is called solidarity, “he said.

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