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Nicaragua: Attorney General Estrada Patronizes Victims of Seized Land, Suggests Court of Appeals as Panacea

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The Attorney General of the Republic of Nicaragua, Hernan Estrada, has moderated his position on the occupation of private lands used for investment in tourism, inviting the family who owns the Hotel Punta Teonoste to take the matter to the courts of appeals.

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Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Appeals will Teonoste

Contrary to the intransigent position he held last week the Attorney General of the Republic, Hernán Estrada-with respect to the absolute ownership of the state over the invaded lands of Punta Teonoste investors, this time moderated his speech and referred the case to the Courts of Justice and invited the family to Bühler Molina discuss the issue.

Also did not mention the delivery of the property to the ex-guerrilla Eden Pastora and continued blaming the Army of Nicaragua by this conflict.

“We will ask the Court of Appeals for adjudication of Granada in its judgment, to make a judgment consistent with the law, as it does to yours and mine, to send through an order to provide an impartial technical measurement , cadastral, also involving of Mr. Bühler Molina, also involving the State, ie in order not to affect or private interest, or the public interest, “Estrada said during a pilgrimage-government channels.

He reiterated that what are you doing PGR work measurement and stakeout by the Cadastral Sweep program and graduation. “We are what we are identifying areas of boundary. If we are wrong of course we’ll do a rethink, “he said.

He added that the conflicts that arise when crews make measurements have been settled amicably after talks and reach agreement.

“So I hope you spend with the family Bühler, whom I hope and I invite to come closer. I hope, to seek a solution together, to continue developing their project for the hotel to do with the areas and the spaces they said in Tourism Investment Plan at the time in 1999, we would like to see developed and not 60 acres of barren areas as they are today, “the Attorney Estrada.

Meanwhile, Walter Bühler, general manager of Hotel Punta Teonoste, said to speak the invaders should leave his property, where new fence up already.

On the legislative and political, Attorney Estrada handed the ball to the Deputy Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, president of the Tourism Commission of the National Assembly, to investigate whether or not owned by the State affectations in this case.

Today, the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) will hold its regular meeting in Teonoste in support of investors.

The latest government confiscatory actions Ortega, through the RMP, have caused much concern among domestic and foreign investors, which in turn results in a bad image for the country abroad, as reflected in legal uncertainty.

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