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Remember When Nicaragua and Russia Getting Together Was a Bad Thing? Times have changed. They Are on The Verge of a $600 Million Deal

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Nicaragua is luring Russia with a project portfolio worth $600 million following two years of negotiations, if approved, Nicaragua would provide agricultural, cultural, educational, and tourism projects and also open a new consulate in Russia. In addition, the Army of Nicaragua last August signed a cooperation agreement with the Agency Emercom of Russia for $26 million to improve the care and mitigation during natural disasters in this Central American country.

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Offer Russia Nicaragua project portfolio of $ 600 million

Nicaragua offer Russia a project portfolio for 600 million dollars and also provides signing three agreements with Moscow, including one on cooperation on research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes, an official source said today. 

The Nicaraguan Minister of Development Industry and Trade (branched), Orlando Solorzano, who heads a large delegation from the Government of Managua on Monday that he will travel to Russia, said the Sandinista Radio Ya Moscow leading to “a series of projects” for about $ 600 million , which, if approved, would begin to unfold over the next two years. 

The projects to provide Russia are in the productive, agricultural, cultural, educational, fishing, tourism, among others, the official said. The minister explained that the meeting in Russia will be installed the first working session of this year’s bilateral intergovernmental joint commission, which provide sign three cooperation agreements, including one “on the research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.”

 The other two agreements are related to the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments, and the other the establishment of a Nicaraguan cultural center in Moscow and other Russian in Managua. Solórzano said that such agreements are not new and recalled that in 1982, during the first Sandinista government (1979-1990), both countries signed an initial agreement of bilateral trade cooperation. “We are now taking up these relationships and we are deepening,” he said. 

He announced that Nicaragua will open a new consulate in Russia, which “will launching point for contact between different companies both Russian and Nicaraguan “to promote investment. The Nicaraguan delegation will participate Laureano Ortega, son of President Daniel Ortega, on behalf of the State Investment Promotion Agency of Nicaragua (ProNicaragua) . 

In the Nicaraguan mission will include representatives from the portfolios of trade, tourism, petroleum, telecommunications, health, education, fisheries, cooperation, energy, international relations, natural disaster prevention and the Army and Police, the government says. “We hope the less than satisfactory results.

There is good will of both governments, “said the official, who reported that” advanced “on Saturday left for Moscow, but the” bulk of the delegation “will next Monday. Since Ortega returned to power in January 2007, Nicaragua has strengthened its relations with Russia, which has donated 520 buses to improve public transport in the Nicaraguan capital and Lada 500 cars for taxi. 

Nicaragua Moscow also donated 100,000 tons of wheat for a value of 35 , $ 2 million, of which 25 600 tonnes already sent. In addition, the Army of Nicaragua last August signed a cooperation agreement with the Agency Emercom of Russia for 26 million dollars to improve the care and mitigation natural disasters in this Central American country. Nicaragua is one of the few countries, along with Venezuela and the small island of Nauru and Tuvalu, have joined Russia in recognizing the independence of Georgian separatist regions of Abkhazia and Ossetia South.

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